About Us

The Peterborough 360 Degree Nurse Practitioner Led Clinic (NPLC) opened its doors in late 2011 following a grassroots, collaborative community effort to create an accessible, welcoming primary care clinic serving anyone unattached to a primary care provider in Peterborough City and County – in particular those individuals experiencing barriers to health care access. The 360 Clinic is comprised of an interdisciplinary team with expertise in providing primary health care to people with particular health vulnerabilities including poverty, homelessness, chronic food insecurity, experiences of violence and trauma, serious mental health issues and social isolation. The team consists of 4 Nurse Practitioners, 2 Registered Nurses, 2 Registered Social Workers, a part time Registered Dietitian, a part time Pharmacist and staff who provide administrative and reception support.

The team focuses as well on improving health equity and access to the social determinants of health. All staff develop the skills necessary to provide welcoming, nonjudgmental front line interaction with all people including those with eccentric behaviours and substance use issues. 360 Clinic staff are linked with numerous community partners and provide street outreach in order to connect with service-avoidant individuals. The clinic employs same day or next day “when needed” scheduling for patients. Laundry and shower programs assist with practical needs of low income people and homeless individuals and also provide a low-threshold way for service avoidant people to come to the clinic. Clinic staff provide comprehensive, accessible primary care from pre-conceptual care, to prenatal and well baby/child care, to management of acute and chronic conditions, to end of life care.